Arbitration is a well-established and widely used means to handle disputes. Mediation is a simple direct party-centered process for dispute resolution.

The American Arbitration Association has been helping to implement arbitration as an out-of-court solution to resolving disputes since 1926. Two sides select an impartial third party known as an arbitrator. Both sides agree in advance to comply with the arbitrator’s award and participate in the hearing.

Mediation, a division within AAA, provides an informal negotiation opportunity to be conducted by an impartial party to resolve differences. It is an alternative to arbitration, or a step prior to, enhancing the likelihood of continuing the business relationship.

As panelists of AAA, David and Joe continue the principles upon which the Association was founded.

David has been an Arbitrator with AAA since 1990 and certified AAA Mediator since 1994. David’s full AAA resume »

Joe has been a AAA Arbitrator since 1986 and has conducted private mediations. Joe’s full AAA resume »

They have served as Panel and Sole Arbitrators to resolve numerous disputes involving:

  • Schools, municipal buildings and airport projects
  • Construction of electrical power plants and chemical plants
  • Commercial, residential, office, warehouse and medical facility construction

Both have served as neutrals and as party representatives in many arbitrations and mediations, some valued in excess of $20 million.

Arbitration and mediation are time-tested approaches to resolving construction, commercial, real estate or labor and employment disputes. Our services are available both through the American Arbitration Association and for private arbitrations and mediations.

Consider utilizing our arbitration and mediation expertise and contact us as the first step towards resolving a matter in dispute.