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Focusing on construction litigation means we know what to expect and how to prepare before things get bad. We have litigated all levels of construction disputes, contributed to construction law publications, and given national lectures on construction law.

Experienced Construction Litigation Attorney

Working with an experienced construction litigation lawyer shortens the time and resources required to resolve a conflict. A construction attorney who knows the industry and has drafted hundreds of contracts can quickly identify and solve problems, drawing upon a depth of knowledge that general practice firms lack.

Scotti Law Group has construction litigation experience at all court levels, in arbitration and mediation, and has developed niche insights that can help you overcome short-term challenges and get back to building your business.

A construction litigation attorney can help with:

Breach of contract

A construction litigation lawyer can assist in cases of breach of contract by analyzing construction agreements, and advocating on behalf of clients to seek remedies such as damages or specific performance through legal proceedings.

Construction delay claims

A construction litigation lawyer can aid in construction delay claims by evaluating contracts and pursuing legal avenues to seek compensation or resolve disputes related to project timeline issues.

Claim litigation

A construction litigation lawyer can assist in claim litigation by providing legal counsel on construction claims and representing clients in legal proceedings to resolve disputes and seek appropriate remedies.

Arbitration & Mediation

A construction litigation lawyer can facilitate resolution of construction disputes through arbitration and mediation by presenting clients’ cases effectively and negotiating settlements outside of traditional court proceedings.

Mechanics’ liens

A construction litigation lawyer can assist with mechanics’ liens by representing clients in disputes to ensure fair compensation for work performed on a construction project.

Payment disputes

A construction litigation lawyer can aid in payment disputes by analyzing contracts and advocating for clients’ rights to fair compensation for their construction services.

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Construction Law

Construction Law
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